Boutique professional yoga centre Crows Nest



Boutique professional yoga centre

Everyone can do yoga, it is just a matter of how.

Iyengar Yoga Teachers



Certified Iyengar teacher, for over eight years

Classes for everybody

Specialising in more mature bodies



Certified Iyengar teacher for over 20 years

Vim has a loyal following, specialising aligning the body and mind

Hatha Yoga Patricia Wigley



Patricia is an experienced teacher and is able to modify all postures to suit the students in her class. She specialises in Yoga therapy and completed a three year post graduate training in Australia and India.

Additional training

In addition to teaching yoga full time  since 1991, she gained a Diploma in Counselling and Nutrition, Anatomy and Ayurveda.


Patricia is currently Vice President of the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT)

Mindfulness and Reiki


Michael Cowlishaw

Mike is a Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher who began his journey in the 1990s. A former CFO and career/life coach, he now is dedicated to helping people heal and find balance in their hectic and sometimes confusing life.

Dropping into Calm

Tuesday 8:00pm

Thursday 11:30am

Stressed and frustrated by life? Dropping into Calm let’s you draw breath and put life into perspective. It’s a simple free form meditation and relaxation that has been developed over 25 years. It’s a chance to revisit a time when your life was simpler. $20 per sess

Men have Feelings, too

Sunday 5:30pm  Due to limited spaces, please call for an appointment

As a man expressing how I feel is difficult and awkward. This is an opportunity to express how you feel in a non judgemental and safe environment and to understand you are not alone where you can set the agenda. $20 per session

Reiki 0450 200 113

Monday and Friday mornings, call Michael for an appointment

Reiki is a safe, vibrational / energy healing practice/therapy, that promotes balance in mind, body, and spirit. It is a painless, non- manipulative, non-invasive and does not interfere with any form of medical treatment. 

Our studio

Boutique fully equipped yoga studio

All yoga equipment supplied, from mats to bolsters and wall ropes.

Maximum eight students per class.  Personalised attention by professional certified teachers. 

Room is fully air conditioned and carpeted with wall ropes.

We supply all the equipment. 

  • mats
  • belts
  • bolsters
  • blocks

and more

how to find us


  • On Falcon Street opposite from Woolies
  • Bus stop, corner Alexander and Falcon sts
  • Street parking nearby

how you benefit


Iyengar yoga aim to create balance in the body and mind. Students gain flexibility, balance, and strength, Iyengar yoga may be useful in the management of certain health conditions like chronic low back pain.



Contact Us

contact us

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Visit Our Location

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our class schedules. 

Crows Nest Yoga and Wellness Centre

Level 1, 55 Falcon Street, CROWS NEST 2065

0434 593 023







Our teachers-More details on the timetable



Certified Iyengar teacher eight years experience.

She continues her continued professional development by training with Senior Iyengar Teachers in Sydney, New York and Pune, India.

  • Essentials for beginners to more experienced
  • Baby-boomers for 55+

Essential yoga is for everyone. From beginners to more experienced, work at your own level. We cover all the major asana (poses) including forward and back extensions plus inverted poses. Relaxed and friendly environment. 

Classes on a casual basis or purchase in advance. No lock in to a course of classes.

Try us, you will have fun!


Experienced Certified Iyengar Teacher 20 years experience. She continues her professional development with workshops with Senior Iyengar teachers. Vim runs corporate classes and students at a local High School. She focuses on:

  • Restore and relax for all levels


Certified Iyengar teacher.  She has been working with senior Iyengar teachers for over 20 years  and understands how to work with the yoga so everyone can benefit.

  • Essentials experienced
  • Baby-boomers for 55+

Patricia Wigley

Experienced Hatha teacher  over 20 years teaching. She modifies all postures to suit the students in her class. She specialises in Yoga Therapy and has completed a three year post graduate training in Australia and India.

Michael Cowlishaw

Reiki Master and Meditation

  • Reiki- Monday and Friday mornings by appointment
  • Meditation-Tuesday 8pm and Thursday 10am
  • Men's group discussion-Sunday 5:30pm